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Specializing in Japanese cuisine.


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1 review
I am definitely picky when it comes to finding the right places to eat for sushi but I took a risk and decided to order from here. After reading some of the reviews about the delivery service I was also concerned I wasn't going to hear the bell and end up missing him. Which then lead to a nightmare thought of leaving my food out in the pouring rain, alone and unclaimed. I was pleasantly surprised to learned he walked up all the stairs to meet me and rang the bell. He was very nice and waited in the rain to pass it to me while I struggled to open the door, instead of hanging it on the knob.

The food was fresh and delicious. Just a heads up; the proportions are tiny for basic rolls. I usually get full off of 2 but I definitely should have ordered the 3rd one. Otherwise, this place gets a 5 from me and I will order from there again!


1 review
I ordered from Ohio to surprise my boyfriend after he was having a long and stressful day. I asked for a pre-scheduled pick up time. Christine was so accommodating and helped me throughout the entire process. The best customer service I've ever received from a restaurant for delivery purposes. I would order solely for the impeccable personal service and dedication I received.


1 review
By far the best customer service I have ever received! Shortly after ordering we received an extremely thoughtful call confirming our dietary restrictions and ensuring the food would be prepared exactly as we needed. This was tremendously appreciated, as I was ordering with a vegan and a diabetic. Food came early and was absolutely delicious! I will definitely be reordering!


1 review
I ordered delivery, but accidentally click on pick up. The lady called to let me know the order was received and will ready for pick up in 10min. And so I realized it was my mistake. The lady was very helpful to switch the order to delivery instead.

Super fast delivery. I received my order with 20min. Excellent customer service!


1 review
Delivery was earlier than Grubhub said it would be, which was a majorly pleasant surprise. The food arrived hot, and tasted fantastic. Really hit the spot on all of our cravings. Their cheesecake is fabulous, feeling incredibly fresh and having a nice consistency upon delivery. Their dumpling soup is quite flavorful as well. Overall, a great spot to order from.

Reviews from Seamless.com

A1 Asian Fusion Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
I could write about how the food was delicious (it was) or how it arrived well before the anticipated time (it did) or how it was so wonderfully warm upon arrival (another check in the "yes" column, but I'd actually like to comment on how sweet the woman working at the restaurant organizing the Seamless orders was.

I really struggle with spicy food, and, upon ordering one of the restaurant's dishes labeled as spicy (pad Thai), I wrote in the request box that I was hoping the dish could be made sans spice. The woman at the restaurant was kind enough to IMMEDIATELY call me (within thirty seconds of my placing the order) to clarify that the dish could not be made without spices (which was the literal text of my request) but that she could absolutely reduce how spicy the dish was. Her call was so sweet. I obviously didn't realize that the framing of my request posed an impossibility, and this woman wanted to ensure that she could do as much as she could to fulfill that request.

Most of the time on Seamless, I'm wondering whether I need to specify that I'd like the restaurant to include napkins. Meanwhile, I order here and this person is so tremendously kind. Thanks for being amazing!


Top Reviewer
Here is why you should order from A1 Asian Fusion: (1) They deliver *so* fast. I cannot believe how quickly they can bring my order to my door. (2) If you're looking for Asian then you won't find anything better in the neighborhood. Their menu is impressive and diverse. Chinese, Japanese, and Thai all on the same menu. They even have a big selection of sushi. (3) They are extremely friendly and make a special effort to make their customers happy. I got a phone call from the nicest lady making sure my order would be okay. You could just tell they really care. And finally (4) They have Fried Ice Cream! (Now be reasonable with fried ice cream delivery - it's going to be somewhat melted but I think it still makes great dessert).

Nothing as good as A1 Asian Fusion exists in the neighborhood if you're looking for Chinese, Japanese, or Thai delivery. This is a well deserved 5 stars. These are good people making good food with great service. Let's keep them in the neighborhood by giving them our business!


Top Reviewer
Arrived on time without any attitude, and the food is solid. Got the sushi lunch platter, and the sushi was fresh with not too much rice. I'm never a fan of California rolls, but these weren't bad, all things considered and seemed to have a little more flavour than ones I've had elsewhere before, which was nice. Tom yum soup was aces -- a bit on the spicy side, but enough to still be the right amounts of sour and delicious. There're only mushrooms, a few slices of some really tough root, and squiggly thin slices of boiled chicken that might look to leave something to be desired, but for me it was the perfect tonic for my congestion. Would definitely order from here again.


Top Reviewer
It's my default. I order from here on a regular basis like the lazy trash monster that I am. But the staff is kind and attentive if I deviate from my usual. And I'm always suspicious of people who use this review section to complain about delivery staff. Calm down. They rode 12 blocks on their bikes in the freezing rain because you can't cook for yourself. Go easy on them. If you're kind, other people will be kind too. Now be kind to yourself and order from here. You've found your new go-to. The peanut avocado rolls will affirm your life and your move to this neighborhood.


Top Reviewer
Had the Thai Style Duck, would highly recommend. Was tender and had a great flavor. Crispy calamari was bland and tasteless. Assorted sushi with salmon, tuna and some other roll also was a let down. Cost 16.50$ I think and it was poorly described. There were 24 pieces but you could not see or taste a difference. Still was good but I would go with ordering individual rolls instead.

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